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stainless steel roller bearings

Pyc bearing is a specialized manufacturer of various stainless steel roller bearings,stainless steel roller bearing,stainless steel needle bearing,roller bearings stainless.We have the capabilities to deal with various kinds of bearings, such as:
Cylindrical roller bearings,
Spherical roller bearings,
Needle roller bearings,

1) Spherical roller bearings are inherently self-aligning and very robust
2) The two rows of rollers make the bearings able to carry heavy loads

These stainless steel roller bearing are in high precision, and widely used in the areas of airplanes,
Express trains, robots, NC machines, ships and engineering machines.

Series: 23000E/EK, 23100E/EK, 22200E/EK, 23200E/EK, 21300E/EK, 22300E/EK, 23900E/EK, 24000E/EK30, 24100E/EK30,30203, 30204, 30205, 30206, 30207, 30208, 30209,320/28
29238 - 29296, 292/500, 292/530, 292/600, 292/630, 292/750
29315 - 29396
29412 - 29496, 294/500, 294/560, 294/600



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